Safety Gates For Babies

safety gates for babies

    safety gates
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  • Used to close off loading areas and equipped with a safety interlock switch to ensure that the operator is at a safe distance before the compactor is started per ANSI Z245.2 1992 specifications.

    for babies
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safety gates for babies - Safeway Baby

Safeway Baby Gate by KidCoColors: Black

Safeway Baby Gate by KidCoColors: Black

Top Rated wall mount, swinging baby gate. The only expandable, plastic-coated, steel baby gate available that is 31" high. Recommended for use at the top of stairs. Fits openings 24" - 43" wide. The Safeway Baby Gate has been rated number one for use at the top of a stairway, for a second time, by a leading independent consumer organization. The Safeway's easy-to-adjust hardware has an exclusive directional feature that prevents the gate from swinging out over the staircase. The G20 has the most flexible installation options for the top or bottom of stairs or doorways. The hardware also allows the baby gate to be quickly released from its mountings as desired. Adding to its versatility, the hinges can be mounted on most railings and angled walls.

79% (19)

Prevent a Deadly Fall

Prevent a Deadly Fall

Every summer dozens of children fall from open windows, and some of those children die. In the paper yesterday morning there was news of two young children in the Seattle area who fell from windows on Wednesday. In one case the mother was just two feet away, lunged to grab her son as he pressed against the windowscreen, but could not catch him before he broke through and fell. He died. I can't imagine the pain that mother is going through, and the regret she will feel for the rest of her life.

Although they are ugly and not seen in any nursery decor catalogs, pressure-mounted safety gates can be a real lifesaver when installed over windows. The gates cost around $20.00 and should be installed so that they are very tightly pressed against the inner frame of the window. If you do not have window wells in which you can install a gate, then bolt a gate to the wall around the window.

Unsightly, yes. But not as ugly as a child's deadly fall.

Even though my kids are older now, I still keep the gates over their windows. Why? Because they have younger friends over to play. Because kids jump and wrestle. Because accidents happen in an instant.

So for the safety of the children we love, let's start a new design trend: gated windows.

Safety gate Baby Dan 2 extensions

Safety gate Baby Dan 2 extensions

Safety gate Baby Dan Hearth Gate/ Flex 5 plus 2 extensions (bought separately in 2 additional boxes).

Price of set 351CHF, selling it for 200CHF or best offer

Suitable up to 24 months, black colour.

Safety gate Hearth Gate standard box contains five 60 cm (24') interlocking sections which can be angled as needed. Included in the five piece set is a walk through gate section that can be installed anywhere in configuration and opens in either directions with a simple one hand adult release.

When used as a safety gate it fits openings from 90-300 cm.

Plus 2 x extensions of 60 cm in total makes opening of 420cm! If you put it in a circle you can define a place to play, or you can use a wall as one of the sides, like this you can get even more space for baby to play!
Bought in EU; used for short period of time for 1 child as a play-pan. Perfect condition.

safety gates for babies

safety gates for babies

KidCo G15 White Center Gateway with Walk Through Pressure Gate

KidCo Center GateWay The Center GateWay from KidCo is a baby gate which is one of the top rated gates around. It is pressure mounted so it will not damage any walls around the home. It is a top of the line safety gate in terms of construction and design because it is made of tubular steel. It also stands a robust 29.5 inches tall, making it a child gate perfect for children as well as pets. The GateWay is for doorway use and is not recommended for the top of stairs. The child gate has many features which help set apart as a top rated gate. The U-shaped frame of the KidCo gate remains firmly installed while the center gate opens in either direction. This is a big feature for parents who are carrying a child while trying to open the gate. The baby gate can be used with two extensions, SKU G5.5, to form a gate width of 48 inches. Only two extensions can be used with the baby safety gate from KidCo. Installation is easy as it only requires placing the mounting pads to the wall and using the pressure mounting system to place the child safety gate on the wall. KidCo is one of the top rated manufacturer's of gates. This KidCo gate is certainly one of the best.

Unlike most of the metal safety gates on the market, the Center Gateway does not permanently attach to walls or banisters with hinges and screws. Instead, this 29.5-inch-high steel barrier uses a pressure-mounted system to hold it in place across doorways and halls in your house. Although it may lack the complete strength of a permanently mounted gate and probably shouldn't be used in front of stairways, the Center Gateway is far more versatile: after installation you can easily detach and move it throughout your home to block off-limit rooms and spaces as needed. The Center Gateway also eliminates the need for drilling holes into the wood and metalwork around your home. The gateway is designed to block spaces from 29.25 to 37.5 inches wide, and you can purchase optional extension kits (sold separately) to extend the gate's length to almost 49 inches. Adult assembly is required. --Chris Burns

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