Free Printable Baby Announcements

free printable baby announcements

    baby announcements
  • (Baby announcement) A baby announcement or birth announcement is a notice traditionally sent to friends and family by the parents of a baby within the first year of the baby's birth for the primary purpose of alerting friends and family to the birth of the baby.

  • Suitable or fit to be printed or published

  • (of text) Able to be printed

  • fit for publication because free of material that is morally or legally objectionable; "printable language"

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free printable baby announcements - I Love

I Love My Sister - a Smithsonian I Love My Book (with easy-to-download e-book and printable activities)

I Love My Sister - a Smithsonian I Love My Book (with easy-to-download e-book and printable activities)

Even animals share a special bond with their sisters! Children will love seeing foxes, bears, raccoons and more having fun with their sisters. Kids will show how much they love their sisters with this book! This 16-page padded board book features charming rhymes and beautiful illustrations of cute animal siblings playing and having fun together; a perfect book for all children.

Book Features:
- A colorful padded cover
- Fun rhymes and cute photographs of adorable animals
- 16 sturdy board pages
- Easy-to-download e-book and activities
- Appropriate for ages 18 months to 5 yrs
- Dimensions: 7 x 7 inches

80% (18)

Baby Announcement

Baby Announcement

I was hired to create a baby announcement. The parents gave me total freedom and actually did not see it until it was delivered. They wanted me to treat it like a piece of art. I wanted to play with the idea of intimacy. Hoping that someone would sit with the announcement and really think about this new person that had just been born.

Baby Announcement - Daycare

Baby Announcement - Daycare

This is the baby announcement I have been working on for my daycare mom. The second side, that I'm still working on, is a mirror image of the first. Then the birth date at the top and the name at the bottom. I want to have it ready so that when baby is born I can stitch the name and have it stretched so I can frame it!

free printable baby announcements

free printable baby announcements

Brady 12902 7" Height, 10" Width, B-744 Laser Printable Polyester, White Color Sign And Label Blanks (Pack Of 25)

Brady 12902 sign and label blanks create your own signs with brady's blank panels or panels with preprinted headers. Blank signs allow you to make your own signs with the globalmark industrial label maker, the powermark sign and label maker and the BLS 1255 mounting and laminating system. Apply to blank sign panel for an instant custom sign. Brady sign and label blanks for markware software are made of durable polyester. Size 10" width by 7" height. Brady B-744 is a polyester film with an acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive and a printable coating specially formulated for use with inkjet and laser printers designed for printing signs and labels used for safety, maintenance and general markings within a facility. Adhesive type is pressure sensitive acrylic. Substrate type is polyester. Standard material colors are white, yellow and orange. Adhesive properties are adhesion to steel (PSTC-1), 15 minute dwell (Average) 44 ounce/inches (48 N/100mm), ultimate dwell (72 hours) 56 ounce/inches (61N/100mm), tack (ASTM D2979)(Average) 376 gram (3.6N), drop shear (PSTC-7)(Average) 1 hour thickness (pSTC-33) is 0.0034 inches (0.086 mm). Tensile strength (PSTC-31) is break 20 lbs/inches (350 N/100mm). Elongation (PSTC-31) is break 70 percent. Minimum application temperature is 0 degree Fahrenheit (-18 degree Celsius). Chemical resistance: No exposure recommended unless overlaminated. CS-10 wheels, 250g weights, Ink withstands up to 2,750 cycles, preprint withstands up to 7,500 cycles and substrate withstands over 20,000 cycles abrasion resistance (Method 5306 of U.S. Federal Test Method Std. No. 191A), shelf life is one year when stored at 70 degree Fahrenheit (21 degree Celsius) and 40 to 50 percent R.H. Sheet measures 7" width by 10" height.

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