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Glory Baby Watermark Story

glory baby watermark story

  • a distinguishing mark impressed on paper during manufacture; visible when paper is held up to the light

  • A faint design made in some paper during manufacture, that is visible when held against the light and typically identifies the maker

  • water line: a line marking the level reached by a body of water

  • A watermark is a recognizable image or pattern in paper that appears as various shades of lightness/darkness when viewed by transmitted light (or when viewed by reflected light, atop a dark background), caused by thickness or density variations in the paper.

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glory baby watermark story - Watermark



No Description Available
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Media Type: CD
Artist: ENYA
Street Release Date: 11/12/1991

Enya's 1988 recording Watermark achieved landmark success with her groundbreaking use of multi-tracking technology to fuse new age and Celtic themes and instrumentation. The meticulous production defines her sound and achieves continuity even while weaving together tender ballads, piano pieces, massively layered vocal harmonies, and symphonic synthesizer movements. Although Enya's pristine voice isn't especially strong, her lead vocals possess a vulnerability that reflects the lyrics' sense of personal searching. From the ubiquitous, frothy single "Orinoco Flow" (which was used to hawk Crystal Light on TV) to the hard, bold edge of "Cursum Perficio," Enya's style remains fresh and engaging today. --Richard Price

87% (6)



Watermarking is tricky business and a rough territory. On one hand, you want your photos to be recognized as YOUR work and traceable back to your name and skill. On the other hand, and the reason I suspect not more photos are being watermarked, you want your photos to maintain its aesthetic look, because let's face it - nothing can be more distracting sometimes than a watermark on a fantastic photo. It's like going to prom with a giant zit on your face - you're dressed head to toe in the finest garments, you've gotten your hair professionally done... and blam! That blaring red pimple screams for everyone's attention. I might be digressing a bit, but sometimes that's how I feel about watermarked photos, especially watermarks that are just simply "So-and-so Photography" in big bold Times New Roman font. Even if the watermark is dressed up with a logo or presented in some kind of business-casual outfit, it's still a little distracting. Sometimes when I'm on Flickr, a watermark can nearly destroy the entire aesthetic or atmosphere of a photo that I don't want to favorite it. "I'd favorite that photo if only there wasn't that watermark... ." I say "sometimes" because very rarely, a watermark is so nicely designed and discreet that it actually fits in with the aesthetic of that particular photo. It's very rare. But I can't imagine someone designing a different watermark for every single photo solely for the sake of keeping aesthetics. That is not, and never will be, the point of a watermark.

I completely understand watermarking in various situations such as client proofing or for the intention of protecting your precious work, but when you watermark every single one of your photos that you post on facebook (like your hamster or that salad you just ate), doesn't that kind of give an air of pretentiousness? It's like saying, "I took this and it's so good that people might want to steal it so I have to watermark it..." What if (dun dun dun) you post a picture that everyone thinks is absolutely horrendous (that salad looks disgusting!) and it's got your name and reputation on it?

But what about when you just want some credit when you know people don't care as much as you do? Let's say you're at a small party or gathering. You take a bunch of photos, post them online, and get people using your photos as their profile pictures. They get tons of comments on it, saying "Sweet picture!" "Looks so professional!" Yada yada yada.. how do you feel? Do you feel like you should have stuck a "Your Photography" on the picture so that people would say "You took that picture, nice job!" and perhaps a bit of a stretch, maybe "Hey I need some professional photos done too!" Honestly, sometimes I do feel that way.

I was once hired to be a photographer for an event. I gave them the CD full of pictures, full-resolution and un-watermarked, explaining to them that I'd like to credited on whatever website they'd be posting the images on because I didn't want "Annie Hall Photography" invading John and Jane's gorgeous pose together. I saw the album on Facebook. I had to contact them again because they didn't put my name anywhere.

But hey, let's look at the dynamics of facebook or whatever popular social networking site:
1. Most people will crop the photos so that their face is dead center in the newly formed 4x3 composition. Because facebook gave us that option. Your original composition is dead. Whatever watermark you put there might have, and probably will have, been cropped out too.
2. I will safely say that a LOT people think that photos are photos. Nobody cares who took the picture. People will admire the actor but will hardly pay attention to the cinematographer, and that's why you want that watermark there, to claim your existence in the picture, quite literally.
3. Someone saw your magnificent photo floating around in cyberspace, but it had no collar on it to lead it back to its owner. Bummer, you just lost a potential client.
4. "Relax, it's just Facebook."

However bit of a stretch I could be making with the "potential client" or "grotesque scratch on that beautiful car," I'm just trying to make a point that it's a tough call, and it's extremely tricky to find some common ground between aesthetics and credits. I myself am still trying to decide - when do I watermark an image? Do I want to imply that these photos are "sooo awesome" that people might want to steal it? It's tough stuff. And with the onset of all these social networking sites and photo sharing sites, it doesn't get easier.

(c) Annie Hall! AHHH!!!!!



I really hate watermarks but I don't have much choice, have I?!

I love this picture. It tells all about her. Naughty, cheeky, fascinating little girl. I love her so much, I'll miss her so much...

Sometimes I really think I could pack and go with her. Forever... Out of here... Where we belong, in the country with wild dances and woods deep as eternity... where we can make proper friends. Where we still have some... Where are the graves of our roots and our hearts beat in 7/8.

Ops, sorry. Sentimental again. But pictures are all about it, aren't they! Memories, special records that remind us of how close we all were together...

All my images are © Dida Photography. All rights reserved. Not a single photograph may be downloaded, copied or reproduced in full or in part without the express permission of the photographer and/or parent of the child. Please contact me if you wish to use my images and we can discuss terms.

glory baby watermark story

glory baby watermark story


In this brief, intense, gem-like book, equal parts extended autobiographical essay and prose poem, Brodsky turns his eye to the seductive and enigmatic city of Venice. A mosaic of 48 short chapters—each recalling a specific episode from one of his many visits there (Brodsky spent his winters in Venice for nearly 20 years)—Watermark associatively and brilliantly evokes one city's architectural and atmospheric character. In doing so, the book also reveals a subject—and an author—readers have never before seen.

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