Wireless Baby Video Monitors

wireless baby video monitors

    video monitors
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wireless baby video monitors - 2.4GHz Wireless

2.4GHz Wireless Daisy-(Day & Night) (Video & Audio) Infant Nursery Monitor Add-On Security Camera

2.4GHz Wireless Daisy-(Day & Night) (Video & Audio) Infant Nursery Monitor Add-On Security Camera

An add-on camera for "Handheld 2.5" Video Color Baby Monitor/Camera/Detector 2.4GHz Wireless Camera Daisy-(Day & Night Vision) (Video & Audio) Infant Nursery Monitor with Rechargeable Receiver" at random color Picture Total Pixels: PAL:628 x 582 Pixels; NTSC: 510 x 492 Pixels Horizontal Resolution: 380 TV Lines View Angle: PAL:60 NTSC:40 /font> Minimum Illumination: 0Lux Night Vision Range: 5m Band Width: 18M Consumption Current: 90mA(IR OFF) (Max.) & 140mA(IR ON) (Max.) Power Supply: DC +8V Dimensions: 92*98*360 mm Weight: 258 g

77% (6)

Life: A User's Manual

Life: A User's Manual

Those cans are actually 2.4GHz antennas tuned to pick up video signals from wireless video cams. The monitors become battery powered when the salvage cart is taken out to the streets and display whatever wireless video camera image is in range - surveillence, baby monitors, surprises..

My Setup

My Setup

My setup. Currently in the process of cleaning my desk, sorry about the mess. This is where I do my video editing and animation for clients and my own personal projects. And no, I don't spend all my time in here. I get out of the house often ;)

wireless baby video monitors

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